Tuesdays @ 2PM

October 27 @ 2-2:45PM




With Jean Gasca

Certified Reflexologist, American Academy of Reflexology

Member, Reflexology Association of California

This is a repeat of the workshop on Tuesday, October 6 -- feel free to come for the first time, or come again for practice and deeper understanding!  In addition to practicing the specific acupressure points, we will also discuss several options for 10-minute self-care and prevention routines during cold and flu season.  Don’t assume that you have to get sick during this season! Acupressure,  qigong and yoga may not allow you to completely avoid illness, but regular practice can lessen the severity or duration of colds or flu, and sometimes even avoid getting sick at all.


           Specific acupressure points for sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, asthma, sinus infections and other respiratory-related conditions will be demonstrated, and you will practice self-massage of those points with Jean on Zoom.   Qigong practices will also be shown which relieve tension and energy blockages that can make it harder to prevent or heal from respiratory illnesses.  After the workshop, participants will receive an emailed packet that summarizes the points we practiced.  You will also receive a description of the 10-minute prevention routine that can easily be incorporated into short breaks during your day.

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