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JUST RELAX - A Spring Acupressure Self-Massage Tune-Up

Acupressure self-massage with Jean Gasca, Certified Reflexologist

Tuesdays @ 2PM

May 11 @ 2-2:45PM

A little restorative acupressure, some time to wake up the acupressure meridians and calm the body and mind. Although we are in a period of some positive change with people becoming completely vaccinated and infection rates decreasing, the past year has been difficult, and even good transitions can be stressful. Come and relax for 45 minutes with self-massage!


You’ll learn (or re-learn, if you came to Jean’s acupressure sessions in 2020):


  • a gentle face massage of acupressure points for calming,

  • several points to unlock tension in the neck and shoulders,

  • points on the chest and arms to relieve nervousness, anxiety, frustration, irritability, or other emotional tensions

  • a point which opens up communication between the head and the body – a good one to press if you’re too much in your mind or if you move or act without thinking

  • two of the most powerful acupressure points in the body – one which can relieve a long list of everyday symptoms, including depression, and the other to wake you up and improve alertness when you’re fatigued.

  • and lastly, a short qigong (“chee-gong”) relaxation routine called Holding the Pearl and Nourishing the Organs that is one of Jean’s favorites.


Participants will receive an information packet via email after the session, with illustrated notes on all of the points and practices demonstrated in the zoom call.