jean gasca with flowers.jpg


Writing Workshop

with Jean Gasca

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

2:00pm - 2:45pm

Sometimes writing in a communal environment can give us new ideas or get us started when we have gotten stuck on something we have been trying to write. The session will start with a writing prompt to the whole group; everyone will have 10 minutes to write on that topic. During writing time we will have quiet (No-Talking Zone!). Then those who would like to can share what they have written. We will have two more opportunities to write to a choice of prompts and share. However, if you would like to use the time to do some personal writing, you may work on a diary, a gratitude journal, a letter to a friend or relative, poetry, a short story, a business letter, a magazine or newspaper article, a fiction or non-fiction book – whatever you want to write! Sharing what we have worked on will be optional at the end of the session, and we will limit comments from others to positive encouraging statements (unless the writer would rather have no comments at all). You can come with a plan in mind, or just come and see what happens! All are welcome – those who love writing and do it often, those for whom writing is a chore, and everyone else!

About Jean: Jean has been a member of the Church in Ocean Park for over 20 years.  While she taught math and science as a career, and now as a retired teacher and current tutor, she always turned to art and music for enjoyment and relaxation. She has been a member of the CIOP choir, a community choir in Westchester  and the Temple Akiba choir, and has led singing and played the piano in church services and on zoom.   In her classrooms, she posted images of nature on the walls, such as the ones you’ll see in this session, so that her students would not only learn science and math, but would come to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.