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Writing Workshop
with Jean Gasca
Tuesday, June 18
, 2024

2:00pm - 2:45pm

on Zoom:

One goal of writing on Tuesday@2 is to experiment with different types of writing experiences.  We’ll start with a few minutes of silence to get in touch with what in our lives could benefit from writing about it.  This could be a big decision, a stroke of good luck, a disappointment, or a desire to change something in your approach to life. You might have a desire to write about a dream, write a letter to a friend or create a piece of fantasy.   Sometimes it’s fun (and eye-opening) to write about our childhood bedroom, the most enjoyable vacation we’ve experienced, or the best gift we ever received or gave someone.  Some writers share their writing afterward, although it’s not required.  (Sometimes what you write needs to stay with you!)  And when we have time, we end the session with a brief writing game that usually sends us off with a smile.


All are welcome – those who love writing and do it often, those for whom writing is a chore, and everyone else!

jean gasca best.png

About Jean: Jean has been a member of the Church in Ocean Park for over 20 years. While she taught math and science as a career, and now as a retired teacher and current tutor and life coach, she has always turned to art, music, reading and writing for enjoyment and relaxation. Her interest in writing as a path for relaxation and healing has deepened during the Pandemic and during political tensions in our country. She has realized how important it is to seek to understand our feelings and values, bring order to our perception of life’s events if daily life is chaotic, and sometimes to just play with ideas for a break from “doing.”

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