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Moment from the Week:

Yoga Practice Honoring Jasmine Lieb

from June 9th

Students of the late Jasmine Lieb gathered at Church in Ocean Park in Santa Monica on Sunday, June 9th. They were guided by her voice on tape through a spine-elongating slow gentle practice. Jasmine was an original teacher at Yoga Works and studied with Indra Devi. Jasmine was honored with the CIOP Communitas award.

Moments from the Week
Graduation Sunday

graduation sunday 2024 one.jpeg
graduation sunday 2024 two.jpeg

Right photo, from L to R: Rev. Janet G. McKeithen, Darya Jones, TJ Robinson, Jeremiah Gordon

Photos courtesy of Craig Hamilton

Moments from the Week

A Look at Peace Camp

The Peacecamp kids have had a blast learning, touching, playing and immersing themselves in play and fun while learning about our Los Angeles water source, where it begins, how it forms, gets treated and relates to our living world

peace camp 2024 one.jpeg
peace camp 2924 two.jpeg
peace camp 2024 five.jpeg
peace camp 2024 four.jpeg
peace camp 2024 three.jpeg

Our Annual Seder Dinner, April 24th!

Thank you Barry Goldstein, for your leadership, Fred Whitlock for coordinating the food, and Louise Dobbs, Music Director, and Dr. Kim Harris and all who attended!

seder 2024 1.jpg
seder 2024 3.jpg
seder 2024 2.jpg

Photos courtesy of Fran Lyness and Fred Whitlock

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