What about the Ceiling?


The sky isn’t falling, but our ceiling is. It is unsafe to meet in the sanctuary of The Church in Ocean Park.  Your Board of Trustees had a thorough assessment done which showed that the ceiling is liable to fall at any time. The entire ceiling needs to be replaced and our Insurance doesn’t cover it. The Trustees received bids and selected one.  With that bid and the auxiliary work that needs to be done, we have launched a $100,000 Capital Campaign. 


We have a strong Capital Campaign Team who have been working diligently.

Many people in our community are concerned about The Church in Ocean Park, and have stepped forward to help. The Team has met with groups and individuals in the community and are now crafting a time-line, connecting with Foundations and others. We have skilled and connected partners and consultants who are actively engaged with the Team in moving forward. 


The Team and I assure you that we will open. We are not going to close!  We are the Church in Ocean Park and we can do this! We have a solid plan and we are moving forward with many CIOP friends. This situation is actually enabling us to forge or strengthen some partnerships in the community, and we are putting in place long-term financial stability.


Our need for funds has been in local papers and local television news and I’m sure you’ll see more press about it. Rest assured that no matter how they edit the copy, we are not afraid of closing the church. While raising $100,000 looks daunting, we are not doing this alone.  The Community is with us. We will open and we will celebrate!


With appreciation,


Rev. Janet

We have set up a GoFundMe site to raise the funds to replace out ceiling!

The Church in Ocean Park is dedicated to social justice.  Kids with Disabilities dance here, Girls are empowered here through Girl Central, Girls who Code, dance and Yoga. The Committee for Racial Justice, Climate Action Santa Monica, Rent Control and others were organized here and launched into the community. The Queer Prom is held annually, (with the exception of 2020). We are interfaith: Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Atheist, and more. We celebrate a variety of Holy Days as well as Transgender Remembrance Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, Bodhi Day and much more. People who Experience loss come for comfort and support through our Encouragement Group.  We hold memorial services and weddings for beloved community members.   But nobody can meet in the Church in Ocean Park right now.


We can no longer meet in the Church in Ocean Park. The ceiling is falling down and could land on someone's head. We need to raise $100,000 so that we can bring the Kids with Disabilities back, and the AA groups and our Grief Group, etc. We are a place where people gather to organize to make a difference. We are a place that Kids with Disabilities know and LGBTQIA+ folks find safety and support. People need a place to gather and the Church in Ocean Park has been there. We want to be there again. Please help us open our doors. Any amount will help. Thank you for your support and for sharing this with your friends. Help this interfaith community dedicated to social justice to open its doors.

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