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To the people of The Church in Ocean Park community:

A Message From Pastor Janet


Beloved Church in Ocean Park Community,

As you may know, I have been on leave for the last few weeks, in order to care for my husband Floyd who underwent open heart bypass surgery. He has had some complications that we are still working through, but we believe that he will blow us out of the water in a few months!

I have missed you all immensely! Performing the tasks of the minister of The Church in Ocean Park is not something I wanted to stop doing! My roles in the church and in the community are something I treasure deeply. I feel called to this role and the work is a part of me. However, if the last few months have demonstrated anything, it is that life happens, things change and we adapt. As many of us have heard before: A community involved in justice-seeking work is like an orchestra. Sometimes the violins play alone, and the cello is resting. During other seasons, the cello is center stage and the violins are taking a break. The work and community of the Church in Ocean Park is not about any one person. This is a community that has a strong foundation because it is continually being built and sustained in new ways by the ever-changing community. You have shown me what community is all about throughout the years. You have done that again during these past weeks, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thank all of you for your part in helping to create this unique interfaith community that is dedicated to social justice. There is no place like this! Thank you all for stepping into new roles during this pandemic, in your home, in the community and in the Church in Ocean Park. Thank you for supporting CIOP, supporting me and supporting one another as we go through these unprecedented times.

I look forward to seeing you in church this on Sunday at 10:15am! Our community has unimaginable wisdom, creativity and strength for helping to create a better world. I look forward to easing back in to all kinds of good trouble with you, beginning September 1st. 

Helping create beloved community together,

 Pastor Janet

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