The Church in Ocean Park
is here for you!

Gathering On Line 
Sundays at 10:15 am

To the people of The Church in Ocean Park community:

I am writing to let you know that the Church in Ocean Park is here for you and we have never closed. Our buildings are closed, but our justice work and our healing work has not. Our concern for you and for the community is ever stronger during this time. We sincerely hope you are safe and well and that you are taking precautions to stay that way.


This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. The systemic racism that has plagued our country from its' inception has risen to new awareness during a deadly pandemic of historic proportions. While you may be at home or you may be in the streets or you may be conflicted over where you should be -anger, grief, anxiety and sadness are on the rise. Whatever you are feeling, I hope that you find creative ways to express yourself. Share your art, music or dance via the internet, and reach out if you are suffering.


The times we live in call for new insights, new collaborations and new behaviors. The Church in Ocean Park is poised for such a time as this. Our work with and by people who are marginalized or abused, our organizing experience, our connections and our ongoing strategic anti-racism work position us for effective action during this time. We are being contacted by more people than ever to ask us what they can do. We welcome all who want to work towards a more beloved community.


One important way to respond to the crisis of racism is to join the Committee for Racial Justice which includes advocacy, conversations between people with different life experiences, collaboration with other anti-racist groups, education, agitation and strategic action for change. You are welcome to attend the monthly workshop this Sunday night to learn more.


Every year at Communitas, we honor people who are making a positive difference.  This year our honorees are all working for a more just and equitable world. They are all strategic, anti-racist, effective change-makers.  Consider being a sponsor, in honor of one or more of our courageous honorees.


Thank you for being a part of this community and supporting the work of helping to create a more beloved community through the Church in Ocean Park. Together we will amplify and expand our justice work and our healing work that is so needed in this time. 


I hold you in my heart, beloved community. Carry on,


Pastor Janet


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Meeting ID:  825 9579 5591


See the "Upcoming Events" page for information about our new Tuesdays at Two, a different spiritual ritual/modality every week, our Circles of Connection and Rotating Rooms and MORE!


Since we won’t be able to take a Sunday morning offering. please consider donating in one of these 2 ways:


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