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Remembrance Ritual

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When someone who has touched our life passes from this life to the Great Beyond, we, the living, are left with a rip in the fabric of our being.   The person whose body is no longer living still goes on in our hearts and minds.


Sometimes our memories of one who has passed are loving and happy. Sometimes our associations with that person may be sadness, disappointment, anger, or ambivalence. Whatever the feelings may be, that person has had an impact on us, and we remember them.


Congregants and friends of the Church in Ocean Park will have an opportunity to write down or email the names of those they would like remembered, and the dates of their deaths. Jean Gasca will be collecting the names and creating a list, in order or dates, of those to be remembered.


In our Remembrance Ritual each Sunday in church, we will read a list of those who passed away during the dates of that week in previous years. The names of those who have died in the past year will be read each week until the first anniversary of the death.

If you would like someone's name to be remembered in our Remembrance Ritual, please list the person's name and date of death (or estimated date), and their relationship to you (father, friend, employee, etc.). Include as many people as you wish remembered. Give to Jean Gasca or Pastor Janet in church, or email your list to

Jean will collect names and add them to the list all year.


During the weeks before the Sunday when your loved one's name is read in church, you will receive an email reminding you of this. You may plan to come to church on that Sunday, but you do not need to. If you wish, you may sign up to do Bread that day and speak about the person, or give a donation to the church in their name, or provide snacks or lunch for after the service. Please remember however that you don't have to do any of those things!


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