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In case you missed it:

The Community Gathered for Communitas

communitas 2020 capture.jpg
communitas 2020 capture 2.jpg
communitas 2020 capture 3.jpg
communitas 2020 capture 4.jpg
communitas 2020 capture 5.jpg
communitas 2020 capture 6.jpg

"Even though this fabulous event is over, it's not too late to donate to the Church in Ocean Park, to help us continue our social justice work!"

Communitas 2020 Invitation Draft 5.31.20

Paintings for Meditation by Charlotte Holtzermann, including mandalas, yantras and other designs, are on sale, with receipts to be donated to Communitas for benefit of Church in Ocean Park.   Click on the link, then on "Paintings for Meditation" to see photos, and instructions for purchase and either pickup or shipping.   

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