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The Church in Ocean Park Endowment:

Ensuring The Church in Ocean Park is Here For Future Generations


The Church in Ocean Park Endowment was established to assure that the preservation and ongoing use of the Church's three historically recognized buildings in Santa Monica, as well as its significant social, racial and economic justice programs, have the proper foundation to ensure their longevity and sustainability over the decades. 


We encourage you to donate in any amount; no amount is too small. We encourage you to give now, but also to consider including the Church in Ocean Park in your will or estate planning. The process is easy and the Church has committed advisors to help as needed. Thank you for considering this important cause. We carry on!


  • Make a donation to the Endowment 

  • Request more information on the Endowment  Please email the church at

  • Become a Founding Member of the Legacy Society of the Church in Ocean Park by pledging any amount in your future estate giving. Let us know you’ve done that so we can welcome you to the Legacy Society.















"The Church in Ocean Park has been crucial to human development on all fronts and for all ages. As we envision moving into the future, endowments ensure continued productivity and creativity. So many people have found their voice at CIOP! Express your gratitude and hope by making a contribution."

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"The Church in Ocean Park to me is the embodiment of the power of interfaith collaboration for good. As a trustee for the last two decades, I know the Endowment is vital to the historic preservation and meaningful use of our 100+ year old buildings, as well as keeping alive the Church's stalwart commitment to social justice that also extends over the last century."

“The Church in Ocean Park brings together people of different life experiences who want to help make positive changes in the community and in the world.  We are of many faith traditions and no faith tradition, expanding our understanding of the world and our place in it.  Help us ensure that this continues to be a place of healing and a home for the change-makers of the future.”

Chris Chapple, Chair, Endowment Committee, Church in Ocean Park

Founder, Hill Street Center for Yoga and Meditation

Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Founding Director of the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University

Susan Love Loughmiller

President, Church in Ocean Park

Vice Chair, Endowment Committee, Church in Ocean Park

Assistant, Executive Office, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen

Minister, Church in Ocean Park

Co-Founder, Santa Monica Area Interfaith Council 

Co-Founder, Queer Prom Santa Monica

Co-Founder, Committee for Racial Justice

Member, Santa Monica Bay Human Relations Council

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