We are focused on expanding our understanding of the world and its peoples.  The more we understand, the more effective peace-makers we can be and the more good we can do in the world.  We believe in life-long learning and know that as we expand our vision and experiences, we will realize how narrow our perception of the world has been.  We learn how to not beat ourselves up for past mistakes and we work to practice positive self care.  


You are welcome here no matter what your belief system is.  You are welcome here if you are black, brown, white, queer, undocumented, wiccan, differently abled, young, old or something that isn't listed.  You are sacred and you will expand our understanding of the world by being who you are.  We hope you can join us!


Sunday Morning 
10:15 am
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Affirming the power of community and to honor those who make a difference and inspire others.  We honor these outstanding individuals who embody and elevate the spirit of community: 
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