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Resolution of the Church in Ocean Park Feb. 18, 2024:

We the Board members of the Church in Ocean Park mourn the loss of life in Israel and Palestine. We express our desire for peace in the Palestinian territories and Israel, and we call on President Joe Biden and Congress to push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza.


The Administrative Board of the Church in Ocean Park urges all parties involved to respect and adhere to international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians and the facilitation of humanitarian assistance in order to alleviate the suffering and meet the basic needs of the people. Water, fuel, food and other humanitarian aid must be allowed into Gaza, power must be restored, and foreign nationals and Palestinians requiring medical care must be allowed out of Gaza. 


The Church in Ocean Park commits to forging relationships based upon love, mutuality and respect. We advocate for human rights and uphold the dignity of humanity. We stand with all people in the region and around the world who stand for peace. We seek to model among ourselves the quality of relationships that we would like to see fostered in our larger world. We will continue to have discussions about these matters. When people disagree with us about this statement or other things, we will not demonize them, but will listen and be open to new understandings. We urge you to join us in seeking understanding and solutions. 

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