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Welcome | Our Mission

The Church in Ocean Park is a caring interfaith Congregation.

We Celebrate diversity, treating ourselves and others with respect. Our gatherings support, educate, and challenge us in our relationships to self, others and the world. Embracing creative expression, singing at every opportunity, and working for social justice are all parts of our spiritual life together.


We empower children and youth, encourage lively discussion, and cultivate shared leadership.

We actively seek ways to make our own circle wider and to bridge the chasms that keep people apart in our community.

Our Pastor

Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen

Minister, Church In Ocean Park

I never thought I would be a United Methodist minister, and neither did anyone who knew me. My parents were incredibly loving and nurturing, and encouraged us to be ourselves.  In order to figure out who I was, I tried various ways of relating to the world and the people around me.  For a while I declared myself an atheist (though I would now say that I was agnostic during that time). 


The only scary time was when I almost became a “Jesus Freak”.  It felt great!  It seemed so loving and caring and like how the world should be.  If only the world were full of people like us, we thought, the world would be so beautiful.   


My father was a United Methodist minister and one of the most loving people on the planet.  I walked away and never looked back.  Nope, you don’t do that to my dad and say you’re loving. You don’t do that to my dad, period.


My brother came home from the Sierra Service Project with so much excitement that I decided to try that next.

I loved the Sierra Service Project for many reasons, but mainly because we were making a difference in people’s lives.  And in the process, our lives were changing.  I decided I could call myself a Christian while in a Native American sweat lodge the second summer I was on staff.  I realized that is who I am.  I am a Christian who resonates with Native American spirituality, and a sprinkling of Buddhist teachings.  Meditation helps me connect to the sacred when I take the time.


I understand how different faith traditions can be important in your life.  And I understand how people who call themselves Buddhist might like the Ash Wednesday service.  I see how a Christian might love the solstice ritual or a silent retreat.  

The Church in Ocean Park is a fit for me.  This is an interfaith community dedicated to social justice.  It’s relevant, and it’s for people of many different faith traditions.  If you are dedicated to one religion, you are welcome.  If you jump from one to the other, you are welcome.   If you combine one with another, you are welcome.  If you just want to make a difference in the world, you are welcome. 

This Church is not like any other church that I have ever seen. 
Stop by and see if you agree.
Blessings and Peace, 

Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen
Minister, Church in Ocean Park - 



About The Church

The Church in Ocean Park is a diverse interfaith church dedicated to social justice.  We come together for community, for singing, for education, for rituals of various faith traditions and to organize for action.  We are a people who create positive change in the community, in the world and in ourselves.  We look for ways to grow and right now that includes many of our leaders participating in a Non-Violent Communication workshop.  People are passionate about different issues and we are involved in Racial Justice, Climate Change, LGBTQ issues, Immigration issues, Ability issues and many others.  We empower and educate and organize people in order to make a difference in ourselves and in the world.  As we experience many faith traditions and our own faith becomes stronger.



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