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Communitas 2023

Congratulations to Kathleen Benjamin, Dr. Ben Drati and Sarah Pillsbury!


Your work, courage, dedication and your very presence has made a positive impact in Santa Monica and beyond. Thank you!


Thank you to Carla Fantozzi, Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein and Marguerita Ramirez for introducing the honorees. It was a gift for all of us.


We are extremely grateful for the Communitas 2023 Sponsors:


Change Makers Shane Goldsmith | Visionaries Mary Ann Yurkonis, Janet Gollery McKeithen, Laurie Lieberman and Chris Harding, Anonymous, Paul Song, Mimi Kennedy and Larry Dilg, Sue Himmelrich and Michael Soloff, Katharine King, Stephanie and Harold Bronson | Sustainers Keith Coleman, John Maceri, Theresa Bonpane, Denny Zane, Abby Arnold, Susan McCorry and Jim Conn, Mollie and Herley Jim Bowling, Susan Millmann, Steven Clare, Louise Dobbs, Anonymous, Saturday Nighters, Kathy Ruchalski and Sion Roy, Laila and Mehran Taslimi, Community Corp., Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, Michele and Curt Wittig, Gleam Davis, Doña Dirlam, Ralph Mechur, Marueen and Chris Shannon-Chapple, Dr. Kim Harris, Carol O’Neal, Kay Gallin, Margery Simkin, Thomas Safran, Sylvia Aroth, Will Kletter, John Manulis | Dreamers Carol Lemlein, Ethel Gullette, Craig Hamilton, Alison Morgan and Parke Skelton, John Connors, Bonnie Arnold


And the Communitas Team:


Communitas Team: Susan Millmann, Steve Clare, Robert Gordh, Patricia Hoffman, Herley Jim Bowling, Bonnie Johnstone, Theresa Bonpane, Anne Hawthorne, Joseph Hepburn, Joanne Berlin, Trudy Goodwin, Louise Dobbs, Anita Porter, Catalina Langen

Musicians: Music Director Lousie Dobbs, Arnaé Baston, Dr. Kim Harris, Lovemando

Emcee: Parke Skelton

Minister: Janet Gollery McKeithen

CIOP Office/Finances: Aspen Bellefeuille

Website: Linda Baughn

Zoom Tech: Natalya Zernitskaya

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