We Are A Faith Community That Honors All Faiths And Welcomes All People


Sunday Service: 

10:15 am

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Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen


Church in Ocean Park -

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Dial: +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID:  825 9579 5591

Our newly updated YouTube Channel now has videos of our Zoom Sunday Services

Check out this lovely video of Jane's work in our garden 

Ceiling Update

The Community is mobilizing to help open the doors of the Church in Ocean Park.  Individuals and groups have come forward to help.  We are working with new people- forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Over $25,000 has come in so far! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.


Sub Committees of the Capital Campaign Team include: Communications, 3 Writing Teams (Past, present, future), Brochure Team, Budget Team, and more. While the ceiling is down, we will be strengthening the church building where it’s needed. We will be insulating the ceiling for the first time, and we have sound experts helping us create a more sound-efficient space.  

In this interim, until we can open our sanctuary doors once again, we will begin to have small group gatherings in new places. The Cottage (237 Hill) is a gathering place and so is the church yard. We will find other, larger places to meet if needed before our ceiling is finished.


We are on a journey we didn’t ask for and we are forging our own path through it. This has not been an easy time for any of us. However, the CIOP resilience is breaking through the chaos! We have taken this time of struggle and turned it into new friendships and new possibilities. Our building and our financial stability is becoming even stronger and the future is bright with possibilities we have never imagined!  


We are the Church in Ocean Park. We strategize, we organize and we help make positive change happen. We're so glad you are a part of it!


The Capital Campaign Team

Planning for 2022: A Request from the Pledge Team

The Church in Ocean Park is thriving and making plans for expanding our impact in 2022. We have an amazing vision, but need to match our vision with the income we expect to receive. Much of our income comes from individuals connected with the Church in Ocean Park.


We are asking you to pledge, if possible. Pledging is just letting us know how much you think you will donate to The Church in Ocean Park in 2022. Of course, things come up and lives change. A pledge is not a contract but it is what you think you will be giving in 2022. Pledges help us to know what staff we can commit to, what programs we can offer and more. It helps us to match our vision with our expected income.


If you can let us know what you expect to give in 2022, it would greatly help us. Please email this information to “Pledge Team” at Office@CIOP4Justice.org


Thank you!


Pledge Team, The Church in Ocean Park

CIOP Administrative Board Actions:

  1. CIOP Administrative Board wrote a letter to the Governor in support of AB 721, a bill that makes density restrictions in restrictive covenants unenforceable against affordable housing developments. We are grateful that AB 721 has passed both the Assembly and the Senate. The Administrative Board, on behalf of the Church in Ocean Park, wrote to urge him to sign it, which is the final step. (The Administrative Board is the only entity that speaks for the Church in Ocean Park.)

  2. CIOP Administrative Board approves all ReGathering Plans. Attached here is the most recent report.

CIOP Wishlist

The Church in Ocean Park is looking for a

laptop and a lightweight podium

to use for our hybrid Zoom/In-Person gatherings. 

Please email office@CIOP4Justice.org ASAP

if you have one you would like to donate!


Thank you!

Caring Team is Forming!

The Church in Ocean Park is forming a Caring Team who will call and visit people in our community to provide care. 


Members of the Caring Team commit to 3 hours of training and choose the hours they will serve. 


For more information email the Church office at Office@CIOP4Justice.org

Thank you!

Call Us:


235 Hill St
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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