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The Church in Ocean Park Legacy Society


We are on the way!


Thank you to all of you who have joined the Legacy Society by naming The Church in Ocean Park in your estate plans!

The Legacy Society honors the spirit of those who founded CIOP and helps build a permanent resource to support the programs and actions of today and tomorrow - like racial justice work, girl and women empowerment programs, LGBTQIA+ support and advocacy, support and advocacy for people with disabilities, bereavement groups, interfaith education and multi-faith experiences, organizing around community issues, holiday parties and gifts to the community, funding bednets to keep families safe, celebrating milestones and remembering loved ones with memorial services and amazing music in a sacred space, and so much more!    Your membership in the Legacy Society builds a strong tomorrow for The Church in Ocean Park.


If you are already a part of the Legacy Society, many thanks! You can still join the Legacy Society by emailing Aspen at  Let us know that you have named The Church in Ocean Park as a part of your estate plans.  Your action now will ensure that The Church in Ocean Park thrives into the future! 


Thank you!

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