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SAVE THE DATE: March 3rd
for the next CRJ workshop titled “Saving Our Last Nerve – Wellness Resilience to Racism”
MEANWHILE, help us mobilize support for the Silas White family, who lost their land in the 1950’s to the city of Santa Monica through eminent domain. You can join us at the next city council meeting at 5:30pm on 2/27 to speak in public comment about it or just be there to support those who do.
ADDITIONALLY, you can sign the petition at and circulate this link to all of your contacts. We’re looking for a ground swell of support on this issue. You can find out much more detail about this egregious racial injustice by watching the video of our last workshop at YouTube - Committee for Racial Justice

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Thanks to Louise Dobbs, CRJ now has its own YouTube channel. This is the link to finding a number of our workshop videos:

Follow us on Instagram at @committee_for_racial_justice

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