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Confronting Conspiracy Theories and Organized Bigotry

at Home and in our Communities


Sunday 07 August 2022 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm PST

Zoom meeting open to all


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The August monthly workshop for Committee For Racial Justice on 8/7/22 will be held on zoom and will have the theme: Confronting Conspiracy Theories and Organized Bigotry at Home and in our Communities. Professor Shelly Tochluk from Mount St. Mary’s is the author of Witnessing Whiteness and Living in the Tension and will be our resource for this discussion.


CRJ is concerned about the increase in racial hatred and the level of violence escalating around the indoctrination and recruitment of young people into a white nationalist mind set. We would like to share some ideas about how to talk with people about the very real dangers to wellbeing & democracy as we know it in the US because of the messaging from the radical right that isn’t often effectively countered in our culture today – and how all this comes out of racism and fear.


Although the expansion of white nationalist sentiment and conspiracy theories on the political far-right is well-documented, many dedicated to cultivating an inclusive democracy continue to view white nationalists as fringe players, dismissing their ability to make a real impact. Too many of us do not understand the scope of the threat, the alignment with organized hate groups, and the mechanisms of recruitment. To counter them, we need to understand how the far-right weaponizes white identity and the general failure of antiracists to adequately counter far-right claims. This presentation will also address how to engage with people susceptible to far-right ideas to interrupt recruitment into bigotry.


Come and join in this most timely discussion. Let us work together to strengthen our democracy and our communities.


For more information, call Joanne at 310-422-5431.

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