The Covid 19 Pandemic is far from over. It is still going strong, especially here in Southern California. Still worse, the virus is assaulting the Black Community with disproportionate ferocity. Thus, the Black Community faces at least two plagues at once: the relatively new plague of Covid 19, and the very old plague of racism.


Our August 2nd Committee for Racial Justice Workshop will focus, therefore, on the question of how the local Black Community is presently fairing during this crisis in terms of physical health, mental health, and economic health. In addition, with the help of several knowledgeable guest speakers, remedies to problems the Black Community is encountering will be proposed and discussed.


One of our speakers, who will discuss the current situation of Black workers, will be Janel Bailey.  Previously employed by the Service Employees International Union in the Midwest and by Worker Center for Racial Justice in Chicago, Ms. Bailey is now Co-Executive Director of Organizing and Programs for the Los Angeles Black Worker Center.


Come join this important discussion.


If you’re NOT on the CRJ email list, call Joanne for the Zoom link (310) 422-5431.