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Take Action: Learn about New Housing Protections and Rental Assistance



AB 832 Fact Sheet This updated fact sheet gives you an overview of the new Covid eviction protections and rental assistance law for California tenants and landlords.

You can learn more and apply for rental assistance here

Take Action with JUSTICE LA

Join a group of dedicated activists at the Justice LA Virtual Actions.

Showing up for these virtual actions is essential as we fight for justice in our communities!


You will get tools for taking action even if you can’t join the meetings.

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Support our Street Venders

The #LAStreetVendor Movement held a press conference and rally on Tuesday at LA City Hall with vendors from Westlake, Echo Park, and from throughout the city who have recently been displaced and harassed by enforcement agencies.


Government agencies are paying attention right now and we will continue to talk with city and county agencies and representatives in the coming weeks. So please take 5 minutes to show your support on social media today!


Check out this super short and easy TWITTER TOOLKIT,

Let’s continue to urge Governor Newsom to close 10 California prisons and push back against his allocation of $140 million to dangerous Probation-led pretrial systems.


Ongoing actions and resources:

  • Sign this Color of Change petition to reject additional funding for Probation-led pretrial pilot programs

  • Check out the #ClemencyNow action toolkit and join us as we continue to call on the state of California to #FreeAllSurvivors.


Read and Amplify The People's Plan for Prison Closure on social media using this toolkit.


Sign this petition calling for Sheriff Villanueva's resignation.

Take Action with Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)

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Community! Please help pass #SB300, The Sentencing Reform Act of 2021


Online Toolkit: for email and call instructions


Details: "Call to Action - Join community members across California in urging your state senator to vote YES on #SB300 at the Senate Floor Vote.


SB 300, The Sentencing Reform Act of 2021, will address California’s unjust “felony murder special circumstance” law by ensuring that the death penalty or life without parole (LWOP) cannot be imposed on a person who did not kill, nor intend for anyone to die, during a crime. SB 300 will also ensure that life without parole is NEVER a mandatory minimum sentence in California."


HE 2021-2022 #PeoplesBudgetLA REPORT IS LIVE‼️


Location: Read report online here

Details: "Read the full report at and learn what it means to #DefundThePolice and #ReimaginePublicSafety. After months of hosting #PeoplesBudgetLA townhalls, surveying over 4K Angelenos, the people have overwhelmingly demanded they need more funds for areas like housing security, public transportation, and mental health support.

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Please pass the word on! You never know who has been unable to pay rent…


Because of statewide activism and your support, the current modified state rent relief program allows eligible tenants to receive 100% of the past-due rent they owe. If you owe any back rent from March 2020 to the present, please apply as soon as you can! If your application is approved and you receive rent relief funds, your landlord cannot evict you over that rent, even after many COVID-19 tenant protections expire on October 1, 2021.


And keep an eye on the COVID-19 Tenant Defense Toolkit

Take Action to Prevent Evictions and
Get Paid Back Rent