Take Action With Housing Activists Across California


AB 2050 would stop speculator evictions.

By imposing a 5 year holding period before the Ellis Act can be used, speculator abuse of the Ellis Act would be deterred, while the statutory right of long-term landlords to get out of the rental business would be preserved. This is a common-sense solution to a complicated problem.


Please make phone calls in support of SB 2050 written up and shareable via our supporter toolkit.

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Take Action With Healthy LA, SAJE, and Legal Aid Los Angeles


LA now has a Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance!

SAJE+LAFLA will have their first official TAHO (Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance) Clinic on Friday, May 20th from 10am-1pm in-doors at SAJE. 

To register, please call SAJE at 213-745-9961 

They will cap it at 20 attendees and will be checking vax cards.

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Poor People's Campaign:

A National Call for Moral Revival

Take Action With Veterans For Peace


Please support Veterans For Peace’s bill to reduce the overall environmental impact of military activities and missions - and to monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions from all of its operations.


Tell your Rep. to Support Reducing Military Emissions

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Take Action With Black Lives Matter LA


#PeoplesBudgetLA wants to know how you want YOUR tax dollars to be spent.


The People’s Budget LA is a coalition led by BLMLA demanding a city budget that invests in the wellbeing of our communities with a priority on supporting Black people.


Make your voice heard by participating in this survey to help create a People’s Budget.


Please participate in the survey here

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Take Action With Reimagine LA


In just the past few weeks, our neighbors and community members held a Town Hall Meeting and have sent over 1,100 emails demanding the Board of Supervisors invest $900 million a year in our communities. 


Can you take a moment to call your supervisor now? We have it all set upall you have to do is click here to call.


Tell your supervisor: nothing less than the voter-approved $900 million annual community investment, and full budget transparency, will be accepted. Thanks!



Please join us in urging the members of the full LA City Council to reverse the decisions of the Budget & Finance Committee (3/21/22 hearing), to accept the recommendations that earlier came out of the Immigrant Affairs Committee (1/20/22 hearing), and to affirm the City’s commitment to due process for those facing detention and deportation. The Committee voted to add new criminal exclusions that will deny due process to many more undocumented Angelenos. These exclusions make the program less efficient and more complicated.

We are asking you to do the following:


· Action 1: Send an email using this link

· Action 2: Sample Social Media Posts 

· Action 3: Call-in and Public Comment for Full City Council Hearing (DateTBD)



Last week the LA County Board of Supervisors passed a motion authored by Sheila Kuehl establishing the Justice, Care, and Opportunities Department and the Department of Youth Development. The creation of an independent pretrial services agency outside the probation department is a demand that the community has been voicing for decades. While this is a great step in the right direction, our work is not done until they are fully funded.

Read the Full Press Release

Please one-click the Board of Supervisors to demand they fully fund and provide transparency for the second year of Care First Community Investment (CFCI), formerly known as Measure J!

One-Click Email

Take Action with Student Advocates for Speech


Students across the country are standing up for their right to read and bravely opposing book bans in schools. Help us turn the moment into a movement by sharing with students, teachers and parents.


NCAC's new network of high school clubs will spread greater awareness of the threats to student speech, including book bans and bans on student protest, while mobilizing school communities to get involved.


Student Advocates for Speech will empower the next generation of leaders to

  • advocate for freedom of expression as both a fundamental human right and a keystone of democracy

  • fight for their own free speech rights, as well as the rights of those they disagree with, and

  • promote the essential principles of free expression.

Now recruiting 14-18 year old free speech defenders. Applications are open. Learn more here

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Take Action With Justice LA

Please sign up to join the JusticeLA Action List here.

Three times a week you’ll receive, via text, a 2-5 minute action to uplift their justice campaigns, often in the form of an email, a phone call, and/or social media amplification.

Contact: whitepeople4blacklives@gmail.com with questions

Take Action With Stay Housed LA and LA County


State rent relief is an important tool in avoiding an impending wave of evictions in LA County. That’s why it’s so important that every eligible tenant and landlord financially impacted by COVID-19 uses the help available to them.


The program is open to any LA County resident (excluding those living in Pasadena and the City of Long Beach, which have their own programs) with income below 80% of Los Angeles County's median income, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.


For more information on the California Rental Assistance Program, including a helpful video that can walk you through the application process, click here!

Take Action With Stay Housed LA

It is not too late to learn about your rights as a tenant and get help paying your rent.

There are tenants’ rights workshops almost every day – join by phone or zoom: https://www.stayhousedla.org

Take Action With Justice LA


Sign up to join Justice LA on an upcoming Monday or Wednesday for a virtual action.

Register for JLA Virtual Actions

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#KnowYourFight Community Webinar Series

Date & Time: Every Tuesday, 6:00pm PT

Location: Online, Zoom link available here

Details: Join the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition in this weekly webinar series to dive deeper into Los Angeles policing through a lens of surveillance and counterinsurgency. Each week focuses on a different topic - for more information on this week's webinar, check out their calendar here

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Take Action with White People 4 Black Lives

White People 4 Black Lives’ goal is to end white support for state violence in Los Angeles County. And we get there by making sure new White People 4 Black Lives members have a clear path to become anti-racist organizers, committed to organizing and acting daily (in public ways and in ways less visible) INCLUDING after moments of intense political and racial upheaval.


The AccountabiliTEAMs project will invite folks new to White People 4 Black Lives (or folks have been around for a while but feel they could benefit from building a stronger foundation and deeper relationships) to be part of 5-person pods, matched with one of our lead organizers. The culture of this program is welcoming and transformative, with the goal of building a foundation for sustainable white anti-racist action for our participants.


More details are available at: https://www.awarela.org/wp4bl-ateams

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Just because state emergency tenant protections have ended, that doesn’t mean that tenants don’t have any protections or assistance available to them to continue to help with the financial crisis caused by the pandemic. So here’s what you need to know: The state has billions of dollars in rental assistance available to tenants, but you must apply. Applications will remain open until the state runs out of money. You can apply at HousingIsKey.com.


Your protections may differ based on where you live.

Take Action with the Healthy LA Coalition and Our Housing Allies

Two important actions with the Healthy LA Coalition and

our housing allies


Thousands of housing units in LA have already been lost to short-term rentals. It should be illegal to convert housing into a de-facto hotel. Now Councilmembers are considering a loophole to allow the ultra-wealthy to list their second homes as vacation rentals instead of housing units. That would cost Los Angeles an estimated 14,740 housing units.

Take action now and send a letter to urge your councilmember to reject the vacation rental amendment.

Please sign & share the petition from Unite Here Local 11!