Take Action with Stay Housed LA and Tenants Together

Take Action with Stay Housed LA partner

Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles (LAFLA)


Stay Housed L.A. Partner Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles (LAFLA) will be holding free COVID-19 Rental Debt Small Claims Workshops in the coming months for tenants to learn more about their rights and discuss their case with an attorney. For more information on Rental Debt Small Claims Workshops, contact LAFLA at (800) 399-4529 or visit https://lafla.org/covid-resources/renters-small-claims/. Rental Debt Small Claims Workshops will be listed on the Stay Housed L.A. website and held virtually via zoom. (Note: Stay Housed L.A. does not offer legal services for small claims cases, just information.) www.stayhousedla.org - For immediate assistance call 1-888-694-0040





Ellis Act evictions have continued throughout the pandemic, allowing corporate speculators to evict entire buildings of California tenants at once and make our homelessness crisis even worse. Last year, we supported Assembly Bill 854 (AB 854), which would reform the Ellis Act to prevent this speculative "flipping" of naturally affordable and rent-controlled housing.


AB 854 was paused last year, but can return in 2022 as long as it passes the Assembly by January. We need your help!


Click here to tell your Assemblymember to support AB 854.

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Take Action with White People 4 Black Lives

White People 4 Black Lives’ goal is to end white support for state violence in Los Angeles County. And we get there by making sure new White People 4 Black Lives members have a clear path to become anti-racist organizers, committed to organizing and acting daily (in public ways and in ways less visible) INCLUDING after moments of intense political and racial upheaval.


The AccountabiliTEAMs project will invite folks new to White People 4 Black Lives (or folks have been around for a while but feel they could benefit from building a stronger foundation and deeper relationships) to be part of 5-person pods, matched with one of our lead organizers. The culture of this program is welcoming and transformative, with the goal of building a foundation for sustainable white anti-racist action for our participants.


More details are available at: https://www.awarela.org/wp4bl-ateams

Take Action:

with White People 4 Black Lives, Amplify the Work of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition



Community Webinar Series

Date & Time: Every Tuesday, 6:00 pm PT

Location: Online, Zoom link available here.

Details: Join the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition in this weekly webinar series to dive deeper into Los Angeles policing through a lens of surveillance and counterinsurgency. Each week focuses on a different topic - for more information on this week's webinar, check out their description here.

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Just because state emergency tenant protections have ended, that doesn’t mean that tenants don’t have any protections or assistance available to them to continue to help with the financial crisis caused by the pandemic. So here’s what you need to know: The state has billions of dollars in rental assistance available to tenants, but you must apply. Applications will remain open until the state runs out of money. You can apply at HousingIsKey.com.


Your protections may differ based on where you live.

Take Action with the Healthy LA Coalition and Our Housing Allies

Two important actions with the Healthy LA Coalition and

our housing allies


Thousands of housing units in LA have already been lost to short-term rentals. It should be illegal to convert housing into a de-facto hotel. Now Councilmembers are considering a loophole to allow the ultra-wealthy to list their second homes as vacation rentals instead of housing units. That would cost Los Angeles an estimated 14,740 housing units.

Take action now and send a letter to urge your councilmember to reject the vacation rental amendment.

Please sign & share the petition from Unite Here Local 11!

Take Action with Justice LA

Two or three times a week Justice LA sends out requests to join them in their critical work to defund, divest, and decarcerate in service of a Care First system in Los Angeles and beyond. Please join JLA in one or more virtual actions or virtual meetings each work to help them move this work forward.

Sign up once for the JLA Action List (to receive 3 texts/week with a quick action)

Sign up to join a Virtual Action (to join our virtual action meetings on Zoom)

Learn more: https://justicelanow.org/

Take Action with Housing Now! Coalition Members

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Take action in support of housing justice!


Please send a letter to Governor Newsom



and take some social media actions from this Social Media Toolkit to get Gov. Newsom to sign AB 1487!

Take Action with Church Honorees,  Youth Justice Coalition

The VISION Act, AB937 would protect community members who have already been deemed eligible for release from prison from being transferred by local jails and our state prison system to immigration detention. The VISION Act takes urgent and necessary strides toward ensuring that our local and state tax dollars are not used to funnel immigrants into dangerous health conditions in immigration detention, violate Constitutional protections, and separate immigrant families and communities.


Please tell three state senators to support the bill so it can move to the governor’s desk:



· Factsheet on the VISION Act [English]

· Factsheet on the VISION Act [Spanish]

Take Action to Prevent Evictions and Get Paid Back Rent

Please pass the word on! You never know who has been unable to pay rent…


Because of statewide activism and your support, the current modified state rent relief program allows eligible tenants to receive 100% of the past-due rent they owe. If you owe any back rent from March 2020 to the present, please apply as soon as you can! If your application is approved and you receive rent relief funds, your landlord cannot evict you over that rent, even after many COVID-19 tenant protections expire on October 1, 2021.


And keep an eye on the COVID-19 Tenant Defense Toolkit

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Take Action: Learn about New Housing Protections and Rental Assistance



AB 832 Fact Sheet This updated fact sheet gives you an overview of the new Covid eviction protections and rental assistance law for California tenants and landlords.

You can learn more and apply for rental assistance here https://housing.ca.gov/covid_rr/

Take Action with JUSTICE LA

Join a group of dedicated activists at the Justice LA Virtual Actions.

Showing up for these virtual actions is essential as we fight for justice in our communities!


You will get tools for taking action even if you can’t join the meetings.

Let’s continue to urge Governor Newsom to close 10 California prisons and push back against his allocation of $140 million to dangerous Probation-led pretrial systems.


Ongoing actions and resources:

  • Sign this Color of Change petition to reject additional funding for Probation-led pretrial pilot programs

  • Check out the #ClemencyNow action toolkit and join us as we continue to call on the state of California to #FreeAllSurvivors.


Read and Amplify The People's Plan for Prison Closure on social media using this toolkit.


Sign this petition calling for Sheriff Villanueva's resignation.


HE 2021-2022 #PeoplesBudgetLA REPORT IS LIVE‼️


Location: Read report online here

Details: "Read the full report at peoplesbudgetla.com and learn what it means to #DefundThePolice and #ReimaginePublicSafety. After months of hosting #PeoplesBudgetLA townhalls, surveying over 4K Angelenos, the people have overwhelmingly demanded they need more funds for areas like housing security, public transportation, and mental health support.

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