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Update on Church in Ocean Park Ceiling/Roof Repair

We are making good progress. Ceiling foundation in plain sight with the ceiling down. No major leaks observed, apart from the gutters that need to be cleaned yearly. The historic light sconces are to be refurbished. Will need to renovate the sound-effective buffers: The old ones were lined with old plywood that muffled the sound. The work teams are coordinating well under Susan Loughmiller's oversight.

ceiling update 5 24 23.jpeg

Also, a big thank-you to friends who have helped spread the word!


Here are some who have helped us spread the word to the community:

  • Mark Gorman with “The Street Seen” (twice!) - read here

  • The Santa Monica Conservancy through their Mosaic program - more info here

  • The article by Nina Fresco in Richard Orton's History Newsletter about The Church in Ocean Park - read here

  • Christine Thornton in a special program to honor her husband, Roger Thornton

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