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Let's Dream Together!

When the doors open what will we find?

The Church in Ocean Park is in a new day. We've been here before and it's exciting!  


50 Years ago, The Church in Ocean Park reached a turning point. The people came in and created something brand new, something that had never been done before. They focused on the arts and on creating a better community. 


They created a place where strangers became community. They created a new place where change happens and we all continue to benefit from their vision and their hard work.


The Church in Ocean Park is facing the dawn of another new day.  We have been living in a liminal space for the last few years, and frankly it feels easy to try to "go back to normal". But we also know that there is no going back. 


We have changed. The world has changed. Our community has changed. We stand on a new threshold. We can try to recreate the same things that worked in the 1970's, or we can look again. 


What opportunities are waiting for CIOP now? 


Come and Find Out More. 


Information Session with Burrito Bar Lunch

Wednesday, August 9

12pm noon to 1:30pm 


237 Hill Street, Santa Monica CA 90405

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