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Prom 2021 got a great news report on the local news!

Thanks to our sponsors, including:
City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, Annenberg Community Beach House, Back on the Beach and (of course) the Church in Ocean Park

Trans Equity Scholarships 

Available for those seeking to officially change their name and gender identity in California. 

Our transgender siblings face tremendous obstacles and dangers in going about their daily life.  One obstacle is court and other administrative fees required to change one’s name and gender marker.  This process runs over $600 in total (compared with $15 for those changing their name at marriage and $100 at any other time).  There are two legal clinics to support those seeking to officially make this transition scheduled in July and August, which will serve approximately 40 participants.  The City of Santa Monica has provided some funding and we are seeking additional donations to provide as many scholarships as possible. 

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