Holy Week: April 5-12

Join our separate but united virtual service via Zoom!
Palm Sunday & Passover

with Rabbi Diane Rose & Rev. Janet McKeithen

We are approaching Holy Season of various faith traditions that focus on paths to freedom.
Rabbi Diane Rose and Rev. Janet McKeithen will share thoughts on the relevance, if any, of the Passover and Palm Sunday to our current lives.
With Guest Musicians, Brad Elias, Suzy Williams, Brad Kay, Kim Harris and our Music Director, Louise Dobbs
Special Reading, Rev. Kathleen Benjamin
Our services are still interactive through Zoom Chat & during Community Sharing time.


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Maundy Thursday

April 9--5-6 pm

Handwashing and Comfort Feast.
Bring your favorite Comfort Food


Maundy Thursday ritual: Handwashing and Comfort Feast.

The Comfort Feast is a reminder that Jesus invited folks to his table all throughout his ministry, not only at the Last Supper.
He encouraged a deep connection and love beyond social norms. He brought people together to share intimate meals who would never normally even have a conversation. But here they were, eating together at the same table... saying , could you pass the bread? He knew that people need connection and inclusion.

Jesus is saying to us, You have a place at the table, no matter who you are. Jesus is challenging us to do the same, welcome people into our hearts and into our homes and into our churches. Even if we can't physically be together right now.