Annual Meeting--Charge Conference November 10

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Photo by Linda Laisure

We held our Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 10th.  

Many of you showed up and voted to approve the following motion:


"The position of the United Methodist Church regarding human sexuality 

is in direct conflict with the faith and understandings of the members of the 

Church in Ocean Park United Methodist Church.  

Therefore, the Church in Ocean Park UMC declares its intention to 

disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church 

per paragraph 2553.3 as amended by General Conference 2019.  

We understand that this is the first step in a three part process.  Disaffiliating will allow us to more fully live into our calling 

to help create a more beloved community for all people."

What Now?   Town Hall

Sunday, December 15th

Please join us in Conversation at a Town Hall to discuss

What does this mean for the Church in Ocean Park?

12 Noon:  Potluck for All

12:30:  Discussion Begins

 2:00 pm:  Finished


Nothing will happen TO the Church in Ocean Park.  

Together we will make the decisions about the future.  

You are the Church in Ocean Park.  

We cherish your input and we are grateful that you're a part of this community!


Pastor Janet G McKeithen


*(Note:  The Church in Ocean Park is interfaith, but is hosted by the UMC.   

So what happens with the UMC directly impacts the Church in Ocean Park)

October 27

Celebrating Simchat Torah at the Church in Ocean Park with Rabbi Diane Offenberg Rose! 

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