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Interns Needed at The Church in Ocean Park!

The Church in Ocean Park is Looking for part-time, unpaid interns.

Do you know someone who might be interested?


The Church in Ocean Park is a fluid community of people with different religious beliefs involved in different parts of the community. It is a group that is dedicated to helping create a more beloved community. We offer the community a safe space to explore, to learn, to teach, to sing, dance and more. We are a place that hopes to continually expand our perspectives and our hearts.


We are looking for interns who are eager to be a part of a diverse leadership team of such a place- people who wish to learn and to teach- people who know that they have a lot to contribute, and understand that they don't have all of the answers,


Internship Dates for 2023


January 10 through April 10

August 1 through November 1


Application Procedure:


If you are interested, please send your Name, Physical Address, Email, Cell phone number and your answer to the question: "Why do you want to be an intern at the Church in Ocean Park?"

If selected, you will receive Part B of the application process.


Deadline for submission: December 15


Please send to with "INTERN" in the subject line

October 27

Celebrating Simchat Torah at the Church in Ocean Park with Rabbi Diane Offenberg Rose! 

Simchat torah.jpg
simchat torah 2.jpg
simchart torah 3.jpg
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