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Joshua Tree Camp Weekend!

joshua tree tents.png

The Joshua Tree Camping Trip is April 27 - 30


The reserved site is Cottonwood Group Site 3


20 slots available! (15 adult, 5 child)


We can take up to 14 vehicles (no RV's and no habitable trailers), tents only (or sleeping under the stars!)


For detailed information (including a map of the campsite),

see the Joshua Tree Camping Trip 2023 Info Sheet


Tickets available through Eventbrite

Suggested Donation: $40 per adult, $15 for those age 12 and under

All donations go to supporting The Church in Ocean Park


Sign up via Eventbrite - Joshua Tree 2023 Eventbrite

Joshua Tree is a place of vastness, and yet, closeness. Each year, our church community gathers in this desert. We forge bonds of solidarity amidst the diversity in our life experiences. We come together, gathering around campfires, gazing upon the stars at night, and hiking along often challenging trails. We do so with a sense of unity amongst us; often bringing us together. We make new friends, and we solidify previous connections. We do so in a space of vastness, and we come home, often closer in heart. The desert is a place of reflection, healing, and solidarity

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