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Fancy Dress Swim 2023

fancy dress swim photo.jpg
fancy dress again.jpg

We’re joining the 16th Annual Santa Monica 4th of July Parade on Main Street in Ocean Park, as we have every year, and doing our Fancy Dress Swim after the Parade near the *end* of the Parade route. You can participate with us in the Parade or just join us for the Fancy Swim at noon.The parade route has reverted to the original so our splash/wade/sashay at the beach will be where the parade ends at Santa Monica Lot 5 South. We’ll gather at Lifeguard Station 27. To join the Parade you will need to sign a waiver beforehand.


At any time you can sponsor us to help end malaria  


For more information call or text Herley Jim at 310-571-5032.

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